October 22, 2014 - London, UK

Location: BL - NK
37 East Road, London, UK N1 6AZ

GLAZEDcon 2014: The Dawn of the Wearable Economy
Calculating Business Strategy in the New World of Wearables & IoT.

Eventbrite - GLAZEDcon London: The Dawn of the Wearable Economy

GLAZEDcon London will kick off an action-packed day with a rousing discussion of the current state of the wearables economy, covering areas of growth to current pain points. Then you’ll learn about the year’s best in wearable technology and what to expect in the future, the science behind wearables, how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, the intersection of fashion and technology, opportunities for big brands, investing in wearables, and tracking health and fitness, building app ecosystems, and wearable tech in the medical industry.


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