JUNE 3rd-4th 2014 - SAN FRANCISCO

GLAZEDcon 2014: The Dawn of the Wearable Economy
Calculating Business Strategy in the New World of Wearables & IoT.

Eventbrite - GLAZEDcon 2014: The Dawn of the Wearable Economy

Why this conference?

We are at the eve of a new technological economy. Are wearables at the forefront or is it just incessant buzz? Your solution to this enigma will determine your business success or failure in 2014. Understand and identify what is fad and what is fiction to guarantee the survival and long term growth of your business. Join the World’s leading authorities in Wearable, Internet of Things, Retail, Finance, Travel, Gaming and Government to master the complexities of the Dawn of the Wearable Economy. Tackle the Wearable conversation and pin-point the opportunities and strategic business moves you should make to dominate the next evolution in mobile.



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