How Brands Utilize TikTok To Reach New Audiences

Marketers are now stepping inside the TikTok platform to advertise their products and services. Most influencers have gathered around 90% of active followers on the TikTok platform, which is higher than influencer marketing records in YouTube (70%) and Instagram (89%) of users on these platforms, correspondingly.

Brand advertisers suggested that TikTok is the new face of social media promotions with different strategies for brands. It’s an excellent platform for leading organizations and creators for the upcoming promotions. Creators can buy TikTok likes to be noticed by brands.

Top Brands That Excel

  • NBA –Campaign – The NBA was the original brand to adopt TikTok for advertising. Advertising team consistently posted exclusive and exceptional content on the TikTok, and brands accumulated around a massive count of 5.5 million valuable followers from the app. Other competitors analyzed from NBA’s campaign are that it invests for the trusted influencer and creators to explore a more peculiar phase of their business. This provides trust among TikTok users and the NBA brand and develops new creators after participating in their hashtag challenge.
  • HP The objective of the campaign was to create TikTok followers to be aware of the products. It also uplifted the brand presence posting inspirational video clips to technology. The effects in the video post helped to push more normal followers into brand users. The HP campaign performed a takeover strategy that lets popular creators and influencers form a viral brand contest to followers. The motive for this is to boost the attention of followers and corporate persons in TikTok, who seek more knowledge of buying products for their organizations. Eventually, this branded hashtag contest video had gathered around 176 million viewers from a different region.
  • Chipotle Chipotle branded challenge accounts over 250,000 video ideas and 430 million creative posts at the end of the campaign. Apart from that, the promotion was considered TikTok’s leading performance brand contest in the US! It creates more brand followers in TikTok, Chipotle’s avocado buyings flew 68% to 18,500 bags of the fruit on behalf of National Avocado Day. This campaign motivated many food-based products and restaurants to do campaigns after creating content using influencers and marketing channels in TikTok.

Options For Brand Advertising

  • Takeover MarketingA brand or product takeover is a vertical-screen ad that’s shown at any time to the user when stepping in TikTok. It’s usually a three-to-five second duration image or a three-second GIF. In this practice of takeover, the ads can be connected to a hashtag contest inside TikTok or a product’s landing section. The takeovers are exclusive and implemented by brands in a different region each day. Similarly, a single product can take over a product in a day. A product takeover is an adoption that’s useful for better reach and engagement as it customs full-screen method; businesses can prefer it to attract their followers’ involvement.
  • Custom Influencer Marketing – Much like Instagram, TikTok also comprises creators with a significant amount of followers. These influencers are marketing experts, and they form exclusive content for different products to encourage their audience. Nowadays, brands are continually associating with creators to grab better exposure on campaigns. But then, it’s possible only when a product collaborates with a creator whose desired demographics match the product. In certain extreme cases, products can also form influencer partnerships from the app itself.
  • Interactions – Brands in TikTok can encourage followers to give comments, provide likes, share posts to communities, or suggest following other profiles according to user interest. Effects, images, hashtags, and clips can also be altered for different promotions. TikTok allows businesses to stream videos in real-time.

Entrepreneurs should start practicing TikTok marketing from the app. TikTok opens up-channel for followers to communicate with other normal users by forming short videos. Several dynamic entrepreneurs have tossed their investments in a marketing campaign and acquire millions of followers in a short span of time. This Social platform allows brands to cooperate with young audiences over the current and trending strategies implemented by competitors in the market.

Despite the fact the followers on TikTok is continually growing, it’s considered as a relatively low-cost and leading advertising platform than other social platforms. TikTok has several prospects for brands that are watching to reach out to the Gen-Z audience from associating with creators to hosting a challenge.