TikTok Hidden Features, Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Features of TikTok that you need to know before using TikTok. There are so many stunning features in this short video, making the app. Let’s explore them for your better reach. Make use of the TikTok’s hidden features with a huge audience, buy TikTok fans from social media influencers to reach more people on TikTok.

Duet Video With Others

You can do duets with someone videos you liked. While you do this, your video will appear on the left side and another video on the right side. There is no limit for having fun duets. Duets will help you get more likes and followers. Because  the content of duet may be attractive, if you duet with it, people may follow you for the content. Anyways if you do your part perfectly, you will get more content.

Download Someone’s Video

You can easily download someone’s video by tapping the curved arrow mark symbol. You will have many sharing options. You can share any chatting media like Facebook, Whatsapp, messenger. And also you can save it to your gallery. Last but not least, you can even share it as GIF.

Switch To A Private Profile

If you want to enjoy your private session, there is also a way to enjoy it. For that follow these simple steps,

Step 1: Tap the profile icon in the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: Tap the three dots.

Step 3: Tap “Privacy and Safety.”

Step 4: Enable the toggle button “Private Account” to make your account private.

There you go. You are to enjoy your private account. 

Record Without Holding The Button

You can easily record your video without holding the record button. TikTok knows what you need. Is it so simple? Yes, it is. Then why are you waiting? You can record your video.

Create Perfect Lip Sync Videos

The best feature I loved about TikTok is lip sync videos. It is a brilliant idea for having lots of fun. You can take any audio to sync with it. You just need to act as per the audio’s emotion.

Use A Song From Someone Else’s Lip Sync Video

You can take anyone’s song or dialogue to perform lip sync. For example, you can choose any dialogues from a movie or a song, or even you take someone’s own dialogue from TikTok. There are copyright issues. 

Privacy Setting

You can easily customize your privacy settings as per your preference. You can enable or disable any options you want. There are some restrictions you can do comments, reactions, duets, sending messages to you.

Delete Video

You can delete any of your videos from TikTok forever. To delete a TikTok video that you have posted to your account, select the video from your profile, and tap the “…” icon and select delete or the trash can icon. 

Timer For Video Recording

You can set the timer for recording your video. You can tap the stopwatch icon to start the timer and select when you want to end your video.

Uploading Video Directly

You can easily upload your video by using the plus sign on the homescreen of TikTok. Just click on the plus sign and start recording your video.

Superior Video Editor

Already we had listed awesome features of TikTok. Again TikTok allows you to edit your video by providing some filters and effects. Don’t forget to utilize that.

To Be Noted

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